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Voted best poke by San francisco MAgazine

From the people that brought your PokiTime

From the people that brought you PokiTime…

We knew it wouldn’t be easy.  

Four city boys trying to make their mark in San Francisco, one of America’s most competitive restaurant scenes.  To top that, introducing a brand new concept in a city saturated with unique cuisines just seemed foolish. But the challenge was too intoxicating to pass up.   A saturated foodie scene also meant open minds and sophisticated palates. One that would possibly embrace four city boys trying to combine something as authentic as Hawaiian poke with ingredients and flavors from all over the world.  

So after a few beers and years and many “we should totally...” moments,  in 2016, we opened PokiTime, and our dream became a reality.

On opening day, lines formed around the block with locals eager try poke for the first time. PokiTime became an overnight sensation. Within months we won “Best of San Francisco” by San Francisco Magazine, and began getting invited to cater corporate parties and large festivals.

Since then, we’ve been asked, on occasion, why four guys, none of whom are Hawaiian, would do poke.  Sure, none of us is native, nor do we attempt to make the claim. We respect cultural authenticity too much to do that.  But we love the culture, the lifestyle, and the paradisal escape that comes from a simple bite of freshly cut tuna.

Beyond all this,  we love innovation.   Over the past three years, our poke obsession blossomed into experimentation with all kinds of raw ingredients and unique preparations. We spent months of lab days in the kitchen, experimenting with techniques such as curing, pickling, fermentation, and combining these methods with new ingredients, and new flavor combinations.  

Today, we’re excited to bring you the result of this work: Tuna Kahuna.



650 731 4972



1117 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame CA, 94010



Mon-Sat 11:30am–9pm

Sunday 11:30am-4pm



Doug Wong


Clarence Wong


Quan Khuu


Khuong Luu

The Tuna Kahuna Difference 

Whether you’re eating out on-the-go or hankering for a place to hang loose, you’ve got choices.

Here’s what’s wicked about Tuna Kahuna:

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We obsess about freshness and quality. When possible, we go loco for local ingredients - like our microgreens grown from a greenhouse in San Francisco. But when it comes to fish, we go global. Whether it’s salmon from Canada, tuna from Indonesia, kanpachi from Hawaii, or yellowtail from Japan, we’ll stop at nothing to provide you with the very best the world has to offer.



Our menu is creative. At Tuna Kahuna, everyday is lab day! We’re constantly in the test kitchen experimenting and coming up with new ideas. We draw inspiration from everywhere and everyone. Got a crazy idea? Drop us a line and we’ll give it a try!

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Healthy and custom made for you. We recognize that everyone’s nutritional needs are different which is why we empower you to personalize your meal. Craving rice but trying to keep the carbs in check? Ask for half rice half greens. Whether you want salmon or tuna, both options are great sources of protein, omega 3s, vitamin B-12,calcium, magnesium and iron. Kale, carrots, beets, avocados, edamame, kimchi, radishes, seaweed...the list goes on. All really healthy and really delicious!




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